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Career Strategy

If you're looking toward your next career moves but feel you're a little out of the game, this is for you!

Together we can discuss desires and opportunities, structure time-lined planning and strategise how to bring it all about.

What's Included:

  • Strategy Meeting
  • Timeline Mapping
  • Expert Email List
  • How to Write to a Company - Email Templates
  • Portfolio Audits

All communications are strictly confidential.

Audition Mastery Course

Audition mastery is a comprehensive course that guides you through all the major techniques and fundamentals needed to prepare for your optimal audition experience. We encourage innovation, proactive thinking, and recognition, and teach how to curate the audition season you want through extensive research and industry experience.

Module Titles:

  • Research
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Portfolio Photographs
  • Audition Videos
  • Contact
  • Preparation
  • Mindset & Professionalism 
  • Auditions & Aftermath

Contact Bundle

We have combined out two most requested and asked about products! Connecting how to contact a company, what to say, how to construct it with WHERE to send it via our expert email database!

How to Write to a Company

Sending an audition request to a company is no easy task. This webinar masterclass will explore everything you need to know about writing the perfect audition email.

Curriculum Vitae Crash Course

Audition Educator offers this crash course in writing a curriculum vitae for those in the field of classical ballet to ensure maximum reader retention.

Expert Email List

The Expert Email List culminates my 10 years as a professional and the contacts I have collected along the way. Company and Director email addresses from around the web so that you can get on and contacting them without the years of research.

Disclaimer: I have not exploited any personal or professional contacts in the making of this list.

Application Bundle

This bundle teaches you exactly how to create your own impressive portfolio, write an eye-catching resume and film a powerful audition video that will help you hold the directors attention. 

Audition Roadmap

Audition Educator is the premier destination for classical ballet dancers looking to find work. As a dancer, you are constantly struggling to seek opportunities and navigate your career, this is an insight into what is available to you.

Portfolio Photographs Zoomed in

Can't decide which portfolio photographs to send, what poses to choose or even where to start? Zoom in on them with this ebook. 

Productivity Masterclass

This unique masterclass is an entire organisational experience with Founder and Professional Ballet Dancer, Rebecca Haw, covering productivity and organisation, designed to best prepare you for your audition season.

Audition Videos Explained

We're offering this ebook as a must-have resource for anyone preparing for classical company auditions! What to film, how to film and how to send to ensure your best chance at an audition.

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